Partial Hospitalization

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A Partial Hospitalization Program is a step that many people battling addiction take after going through a residential addiction treatment program or a drug and alcohol detox program. In the early stages of recovery from addiction, it is often critical that a client lives on-site and only leaves under exceptional circumstances. Enrolling in a partial hospitalization program at Mulligan Recovery Centers gives you the same level of structure and accountability but also gives you the flexibility to sleep away from the center, either at home or in community housing.

A Partial Hospitalization Program allows clients transitioning from an inpatient or detox program a chance to move into a more flexible program that still offers a high level of structure and support. A candidate for our PHP may have received some initial care for their substance abuse problem but is now having trouble managing their symptoms or needs help with medication management. Whatever the case, PHP addiction treatment provides a highly structured environment 7 days per week, six hours per day, which includes both group therapy and individual counseling. The client meets with their primary counselor a minimum of once per week for a face-to-face individual session. The length of the PHP addiction treatment program is based on Clinical and Medical Necessity. The average length of stay for someone in the PHP Program is 21-30 days but that could vary. Each client is assigned a Mental Health Therapist, and, at minimum, they will meet with the Psychiatrist for a Psychiatric Evaluation. Medication management is also available. From the first day of treatment, the emphasis is also on coordinating and setting up a strong aftercare program with their Case Manager. After completing our program, most clients step down to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or a 3.1 Low Intensity Residential Long Term Treatment at Mulligan Recovery Centers. Some may decide to transfer to another treatment center for long- term treatment, while others will decide to live in a sober recovery home in the area.

The Benefits of a PHP at Mulligan Recovery Centers

PHPIn our partial8 hospitalization programs at Mulligan Recovery Centers, we create custom treatment plans for each client that comes through our doors. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ensuring that a plan suits an individual’s needs is an essential principle of effective treatment. In addition to this kind of individualized, client-centered care, there are many general advantages to enrolling in a partial hospitalization program. These include:

  • The services that we offer in our Partial Hospitalization Program at Mulligan Recovery Centers are an important but often overlooked step between residential and less intensive forms of outpatient care. PHPs are an essential step on the road to reintegration into everyday life.
  • Mulligan Recovery Centers approach to Partial Hospitalization offers a dynamic, comprehensive, and all-encompassing program.  While the content is based in evidence-based practices, we deter from the redundant and boring parts of the treatment from yesterday and put a fresh twist on the recovery process that we are confident you will find engaging, transforming, and life-altering.
  • We have found that treating the individual and not having a “Blanket” Based “one size fits all” treatment model, we are able to dive deep into the roots of each person’s addiction. Coming from the perspective of C.L.U.E. (compassion, love, understanding and empathy) Mulligan Recovery Centers can offer a safe place to let your walls down and get to the exact nature of why someone uses substances to begin with.

PHP is a more intensive experience than our IOP groups and is geared towards people needing a more immersive experience.